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When you become a SCUBA diver, you will experience the excitement and adventure of inner space - the underwater realm. You will come to know the diverse wildlife in astounding abundance and discover a world of rapturous beauty. Oceans, seas, rivers and lakes hold submerged habitats that will capture your interest and imagination for a lifetime.

Although you may have seen films or photos of the underwater world you will discover that it is quite impossible for a non-diver to fully understand what diving is like. Besides seeing beautiful and fascinating aquatic creatures firsthand, you'll experience sensations unique to diving, like the thrill of breathing underwater for the first time and the feeling of floating weightless, like an astronaut in space. As you gain diving experience, the mystery diving holds for you now will be replaced by curiosity, excitement and adventure.

With the proper equipment, knowledge and skills, diving is both safe and easy.


This course will provide you with knowledge and skills you need to safely and confidently visit the underwater world. The course is designed to be both fun and challenging. and most people easily meet the prerequisites. Physically, you should be a reasonably proficient swimmer who is comfortable and relaxed in the water. Your overall health should be good, particularly your circulatory and respiratory systems.

The course takes the student through three (3) meetings, lectures and pool sessions. It culminates four (4) open water dives to determine if the student has mastered the skills needed to be a certified diver.

**So, are you curious about what the other 71% of this planet looks like?
You've got basically two options: grow gills or get certified.
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